Marilyn Price Ceramics
These are some of the wall hanging pieces I have made. My painting and ceramics background are tied together in the stoneware tile landscapes. I think of the the surface of the clay much as one might conceive a canvas.  I created and constantly extend my palette through frequent experimentation to achieve the fullest range of color and texture at the stoneware level. The ceramic landscapes, with layered glazes and multiple firings, are an attempt to blur the traditional distinctions between painting on canvas and glazing on clay.
The tile landscapes reflect an exploration of subtleties inherent in the color and texture of the tiles used  in this technique. This is created when small damp tiles that I have made are pressed into powdered, colored porcelain and fired to stoneware. These are then arranged form compositions, some of which can be seen below.
Autumn 19 x 28
Ancient Voices #2