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Marilyn Price Ceramics
I have lived in the Hudson Valley since 1994.  After many years as a painter and arts administrator in New York City, I became more fully involved in ceramics. The natural beauty of this area has been a strong inspiration in my work. Frequently in my stoneware landscapes,
I conceive of the clay slabs as a canvas.  With the many glazes I make and use, I seek to blur the distinction between painting and ceramics.  Other wall pieces, made with smaller handmade tiles, reflect an exploration of subtleties inherent in the color and texture of this technique.  This is created when small damp tiles are pressed into the powdered,colored porcelain, fired to stoneware and formed into compositions.
My work on the potter’s wheel is always a pleasure for me. I try new shapes and finishes in pieces which are functional and hopefully esthetically pleasing as well.
My decorative pottery frequently combines wheel thrown and handbuilt techniques in order to create more expressive forms.
Many aspects of working in clay continue to intrigue me, especially those dealing with form, color and texture.  I believe I bring a painter’s eye to my work, thus blending the two disciplines.